Duck breast with orange sauce

Duck breast is one of classic dishes that you can find in most of french brasserie, but sometimes it's pretty expensive to afford it every time you go to the restaurant. I start to learn how to cook this french food, so I do not have to go to restaurant each time I want to … Continue reading Duck breast with orange sauce

Pineapple fried rice

If you asked me what every Indonesian at least can cook? Yep! exactly, it is the famous "Nasi goreng" a.k.a fried rice. How we make it? It depends everyone's taste, it could be spicy will fresh chili, or sweet and sour with tomato sauce and butter, or fruity just like the one that I'm going … Continue reading Pineapple fried rice

Indonesia is not just Bali!

Even it was too early to take summer holiday in June, but I just couldn't stand anymore for not taking as earliest as I can. It's been almost two years since I came back home to see my beloved family and friends. Well, I would not tell you about how excited I was for coming … Continue reading Indonesia is not just Bali!

one day visit to Singapore

Singapore, a small country in Southeast-Asia which comprises with the main island - linked by a causeway and a bridge to the southern tip of Malaysia - and around 50 smaller islands, includes Sentosa Island where you can find the famous Universal Studio. (source: bbc). Even if I am Indonesian who supposed to be easy … Continue reading one day visit to Singapore

A weekend getaway to Lower-Normandy : a trip to remember WWII

It was May 8th, 1945, which is generally known as victory day in Europe, when Nazi Germany's is finally surrendered to Allies of WWII and the war with Germany was over. Well, my travel story started when i was too excited to know that my Company let their employees to enjoy this May 8-9th bank … Continue reading A weekend getaway to Lower-Normandy : a trip to remember WWII

carpaccio basilic & olive oil

  I bet you've ever been in the same situation like me, starving but too lazy to cook. So, I just watched television and found this very simple italian recipes. Ingredients: Pure beef carpaccio fresh basilic olive oil italian parmesan lemon green salad (I recommend you to use roquette salad) how to make the dressing: … Continue reading carpaccio basilic & olive oil

Book Review ‘Me Before You’ – Jojo Moyes

"Heart-warming, breathtaking, unusual moving romance!"     I chose randomly this book from good reads' website recommendation. They said "best seller" for fiction category, so it's quite tempting to me to read this book, thought that it would gonna be a kind usual romance novel like any others romance novels, therefore this novel is awe-inspiring … Continue reading Book Review ‘Me Before You’ – Jojo Moyes

How to make Indonesian “bakwan”

  Indonesian bakwan is a fried vegetable which is one of the most famous light meal in the Java region. There's a lot of different way to make this kind of food. For example in central java they normally put egg to make it tastier. However in west java, they prefer to put water to … Continue reading How to make Indonesian “bakwan”

indonesian gourmet asparagus spring soup

Spring is coming ! Therefore for us who lives in Upper Normandy, cloudy and rainy day sometimes come along. But don't be sad, because it would be a good season to find fresh spring vegetables easily everywhere. Asparagus is one of this kind vegetables. Since I'm Indonesian, I'm going to share you one of my … Continue reading indonesian gourmet asparagus spring soup