smoked salmon with dill and sweet mustard

Hey guys, today I'll give you an idea how to make simple smoked salmon to look more interesting and tastier. Ingredients: 8 tranches of smoked salmon Ikea sweet mustard (you can only find this in Ikea groceries store when you visit Ikea) some fresh dill 2 big pickles (sliced) Lemon and some toothpicks for serving. … Continue reading smoked salmon with dill and sweet mustard

To-do-list when hosting a housewarming party

Having a house warming party has been known as a part of culture in France when you just move into new residence. We called it "la pendaison de crémaillère". It is actually a perfect occasion for the hosts not only to present their new home or apartment to their friends, but also to make a … Continue reading To-do-list when hosting a housewarming party

Home made chicken katsu

Chicken Katsu or Japanese fried chicken is one of my favourite quick dish when I don't really have lots of time to cook. Here is my recipes: for 2 persons: Ingredients: 2 chicken breast (slice it like butterfly) 5 tbsp of flour 1 tbsp of maïzena (corn flour) some salt and black pepper, 1 tsp … Continue reading Home made chicken katsu

10 websites to visit when you’re bored

These are 10 free websites that you can visit to kill your time: Bored Panda You will discover  leading art, design and photography community for creative people that sometimes turn into stories. They also have travel stories, DIY project, even parenting categories. 2. Konbini I know this website from my friend, she was an intern … Continue reading 10 websites to visit when you’re bored

A fancy trip to Lille

Had been lived in Lille for a year, makes me always feel that this city is my second home. Lille is a pretty big city in the north of France, situated near France and Belgium border. When I was living in south of France, people asked me why I want to move to the north when you … Continue reading A fancy trip to Lille

why they treat palm oil as an enemy?

Again, palm oil is being an object during the French senate debate earlier this year, after the draft bill project has been clearly rejected by The National Assembly's social affairs commission in 2013. This time, it was presented by environmentalists senators Aline Archimbaud, Gattolin André, Marie-Christine Blandin, Ronan Dantec and Joel Labbé, the amendment sets … Continue reading why they treat palm oil as an enemy?

What does “state of emergency” mean?

Just right after Paris attacks on 13th of November 2015, French President, François Hollande declared "state of emergency" in France. Some of you might throw some questions; like for examples: What does it mean? What is the impact to the people who lives in France, for the citizen or non-citizen? Can we travel across the … Continue reading What does “state of emergency” mean?

Please simply respect our grieving.

  I still could not believe my self about what had happened in Paris on Friday, 13th November 2015. I was watching football on the telly at that moment, I just noticed nearly one hour after the first attack in Stade de France and Bataclan concert venue. The news told us that at least 13 … Continue reading Please simply respect our grieving.

French veal ragout – “blanquette de veau”

Blanquette de veau is one of french traditional dishes for autumn or winter season. There are lots of easy and quick recipes on the internet, but I suggest you to make a proper one because the secret of cooking a perfect "blanquette de veau" is keeping original flavor from each ingredients. If you mixed all … Continue reading French veal ragout – “blanquette de veau”

Banana crumble cake with raisin and dark chocolate

Today, I am gonna show you my success recipe of "Banana crumble cake with raisin and dark chocolate". I could tell you this is quite succesful because normally I don't really have good hands to bake a cake, but when I asked my colleagues at the office to taste it, they said I did it … Continue reading Banana crumble cake with raisin and dark chocolate