Hidden Beach in Normandy, Veulettes-sur-Mer

Early September this year, we decided to visit a beach town that not really far from home. An hour driving from Rouen, Veulettes-sur-Mer. The town itself is quite small, calm and not really touristy. If I turn my eyes around, only locals are visiting this little town. Yet, they have more than enough things to … Continue reading Hidden Beach in Normandy, Veulettes-sur-Mer

quick travel guide in malta

Malta, is a beautiful Southern European country consisting of archipelago in Mediterranean sea. Beautiful and affordable to visit at any time. But the best season to go is during summer, so you can fully enjoy swimming in the Mediterranean waters. where to stay Malta is a small country, you can travel from town to town … Continue reading quick travel guide in malta

Le Matin à Paris

What a wonderful thing waking up in a Parisian neighborhood. I've been doing this staycation in Paris for several times over the past year. It is somehow so relaxing and kind of worth to do when you live less than 2 hours from Paris. First time I tried this staycation was at Enghien les Bain, … Continue reading Le Matin à Paris

Places to Visit in Rome

First time visiting Rome? Here's I gathered some of important places to visit. Before visiting Rome, make sure you bring 2 pairs of comfortable shoes or sneakers. Once you arrive in the city, you will do a lot of walking. During heavy rain, some streets in Rome can be flooded, so second pair of shoes … Continue reading Places to Visit in Rome

Staycation in Paris

Rain in the middle of August? Yes, we had that couple weeks ago in some of the cities in the north of France. What could not get worst, it happened during the bank holiday of August 15th. I actually wanted to go to the beach that weekend, unfortunately the weather forecast was against us. Suddenly, … Continue reading Staycation in Paris

Hidden beach town in Normandy

Summer has not end yet! Even I save my 2 weeks paid leaves for next year, it does not mean I will stay at home and not travelling. Well, this was actually back in July, I was still very sick after came back from my previous holiday in the southwest of France. Yet, I forced … Continue reading Hidden beach town in Normandy

Zoo de la Palmyre

Hello again! I'm finally back from idling for nearly 2 months. Today, I would like to throw you some highlight from my quick summer vacation to the town called Les Mathes, in the southwest of France. After telling all my colleagues at work that I would spend a week in this town, everyone said that … Continue reading Zoo de la Palmyre

Why you should go to Enghien les Bains

Enghien-les-Bains is a little town located about 13,5 km away from Paris. Last month I randomly found a weekend getaway to this town via weekendesk. If you want to spend a  well to do around Paris, this town is a perfect destination. Here's the reason why: The beautiful lake The lake of Enghien is the … Continue reading Why you should go to Enghien les Bains