The Ultimate Butternut Squash Soup

This is actually my all-time favourite winter soup. It is very easy to make with easy ingredients to find on your local groceries. Prep time: 20 minutes or 10 minutes (if you can find a ready cut butternut cubes, you will save at least 10 minutes of prep time) Cooking time: 30 minutes Ingredients 1 … Continue reading The Ultimate Butternut Squash Soup

Beef samosa

Perfect as accompaniment to your indian dishes or a starter with your green salads, samosa is really fun to make, once you've cracked how to fold it. After trying several times, watching YouTube on "how to fold brick pastry", I finally found it my own..   Ingredients Beef Samosa 500 grams ground beef 2 cloves … Continue reading Beef samosa

Crispy seafood platter – revisited recipe by Jamie Oliver

Got inspired by another Jamie Oliver's recipe, I tempted myself to make one of his seafood platter that I thought I might like to eat for summer dinner. You can see the original recipe on this link, as I changed some ingredients that likely I found in the nearest grocery store. Ingredients: sunflower oil , for … Continue reading Crispy seafood platter – revisited recipe by Jamie Oliver

Croustillant de camembert

Even after 6 years living in France, I'm still not becoming cheese lover, until I finally tried this starter dish in one of my favourite French bistro in town "croustillant de camembert" or cheese balls. I tried to make my own recipe by guessing their ingredients, and it's close to the taste that I expected. … Continue reading Croustillant de camembert

carpaccio basilic & olive oil

  I bet you've ever been in the same situation like me, starving but too lazy to cook. So, I just watched television and found this very simple italian recipes. Ingredients: Pure beef carpaccio fresh basilic olive oil italian parmesan lemon green salad (I recommend you to use roquette salad) how to make the dressing: … Continue reading carpaccio basilic & olive oil

How to make Indonesian “bakwan”

  Indonesian bakwan is a fried vegetable which is one of the most famous light meal in the Java region. There's a lot of different way to make this kind of food. For example in central java they normally put egg to make it tastier. However in west java, they prefer to put water to … Continue reading How to make Indonesian “bakwan”

indonesian gourmet asparagus spring soup

Spring is coming ! Therefore for us who lives in Upper Normandy, cloudy and rainy day sometimes come along. But don't be sad, because it would be a good season to find fresh spring vegetables easily everywhere. Asparagus is one of this kind vegetables. Since I'm Indonesian, I'm going to share you one of my … Continue reading indonesian gourmet asparagus spring soup