Truffle Cream And Chive Dip

This is so easy to prepare, you just need to serve with some crinkle cut veggies or tortilla chips for a fun snack.   IngredientsBunch of chives (finely chopped) 2 cups of whole cream A pinch of salt and pepper A drop of Truffle oil (not necessary, but it makes the dip tastier) MethodeFinely chopped … Continue reading Truffle Cream And Chive Dip

smoked salmon with dill and sweet mustard

Hey guys, today I'll give you an idea how to make simple smoked salmon to look more interesting and tastier. Ingredients: 8 tranches of smoked salmon Ikea sweet mustard (you can only find this in Ikea groceries store when you visit Ikea) some fresh dill 2 big pickles (sliced) Lemon and some toothpicks for serving. … Continue reading smoked salmon with dill and sweet mustard