The New Routine : Work From Home

It looks like working from home is becoming our new routine. If you're reading this from China or Korea, now I knew how you all felt in February. In France, our journey began in the evening of Friday 14th of March 2020. That was when the French President, Emmanuelle Macron, gave his statement that all … Continue reading The New Routine : Work From Home

To-do-list when hosting a housewarming party

Having a house warming party has been known as a part of culture in France when you just move into new residence. We called it "la pendaison de crémaillère". It is actually a perfect occasion for the hosts not only to present their new home or apartment to their friends, but also to make a … Continue reading To-do-list when hosting a housewarming party

why they treat palm oil as an enemy?

Again, palm oil is being an object during the French senate debate earlier this year, after the draft bill project has been clearly rejected by The National Assembly's social affairs commission in 2013. This time, it was presented by environmentalists senators Aline Archimbaud, Gattolin André, Marie-Christine Blandin, Ronan Dantec and Joel Labbé, the amendment sets … Continue reading why they treat palm oil as an enemy?

What does “state of emergency” mean?

Just right after Paris attacks on 13th of November 2015, French President, François Hollande declared "state of emergency" in France. Some of you might throw some questions; like for examples: What does it mean? What is the impact to the people who lives in France, for the citizen or non-citizen? Can we travel across the … Continue reading What does “state of emergency” mean?

Please simply respect our grieving.

  I still could not believe my self about what had happened in Paris on Friday, 13th November 2015. I was watching football on the telly at that moment, I just noticed nearly one hour after the first attack in Stade de France and Bataclan concert venue. The news told us that at least 13 … Continue reading Please simply respect our grieving.