Hidden Beach in Normandy, Veulettes-sur-Mer

Early September this year, we decided to visit a beach town that not really far from home. An hour driving from Rouen, Veulettes-sur-Mer. The town itself is quite small, calm and not really touristy. If I turn my eyes around, only locals are visiting this little town.

Yet, they have more than enough things to please my eyes and obviously my tummy.

The view of turquoise blue sea and perfect weather that day were pretty relaxing.

Some people were having sun bathing, swimming, or eating at the restaurant terraces.

As we kinda decided last minute to visit this town, we ended up in a restaurant hotel in front of the beach, La Frégates. I mean for a 2 stars hotel, the restaurant were pretty good.

They served local food, seafood and very good desserts. If you bring family or babies with you, the restaurant is perfect as they have big seatings and toilette with changing table. Most of all, the services are outstanding.

Mussels and fries
Tarte Tatin (apple tartes)

Suggestion on the drinks: local apple ciders.

The address: 3 Digue Jean Corruble, 76450 Veulettes-sur-Mer

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