The New Routine : Work From Home

It looks like working from home is becoming our new routine. If you’re reading this from China or Korea, now I knew how you all felt in February. In France, our journey began in the evening of Friday 14th of March 2020. That was when the French President, Emmanuelle Macron, gave his statement that all the schools and universities are shutdown until new order. Then, in just overnight he decided that all bars, restaurants, and unnecessary business have to shut as well. And just like that, this Covid 19 pandemic changes our life to a new life that we’ve never imagined before.

Some of you might have no choice, not to work, because your job is meeting or connecting with people in daily basis. Some of you need to keep working, because you work in a company that required you to work from home, otherwise your company will stop running.

Working from home can be tricky when you’re not get used to it. You might lose  your priority, not in a mood, or get distracted. So, here is some of my tips that actually help me to keep in track while working from home.

working from home

First. Set your alarm as nothing has changed

Even you know that you are working from home, which means you don’t have to rush on your morning routine, stuck on the traffic, or get into your morning commute. It doesn’t mean you can wake up later. Setting the alarm as nothing has changed, will keep you on track to maintain your daily routine.

Second. Get freshen up and put comfortable clothes.

I always need to get shower before going out, but since I don’t need to get out to work, I’ve changed my habit by only getting freshen up in the morning, and have a shower or a bath later after work. Don’t forget to put some comfortable clothes, no need to put a working dress or suits when you work from home unless you have a video meeting.

Third. Have a quick breakfast

If you’re not a breakfast person like I do, a good cup of tea / coffee with a banana might help you get through the work in the morning.

Fourth. Do some stretching before starting your working day

If you don’t know how to stretch, thanks to Youtube, you can find lots of videos on how to stretch or quick yoga for 15 minutes.


Fifth. Prepare your working spot

Make sure that you have a working spot. try not to work from your bed unless you don’t have any choice. I actually don’t have a proper bureau in my apartment. So, I use a buffet as a desk and put a dinning chair as my working station.

Sixth. At work (from home)

Starts by reading some emails

I starts my day mostly shorting the emails, as everyone is now working from home, you might realize that you get more emails that you used to it. So, sorting the email with priority to respond will make your time more efficient. Don’t hesitate to make some calls when you’re facing urgent matters.

Talking with your colleagues 

Working from home alone might get you bored some time, then you lose the mood to work properly. Speak or talk with your colleagues through Skype, even just to say hello, will make you feel that you’re not alone in this.

Make a list on what you need to do first

When you’re working from home, you need to make a list of task based on priority. If you don’t have dateline, so put the urgent matters on the first list. I use Microsoft Note on daily basis to make a to-do-list of my daily task. When I get one list done, I put a check on it.

Make a list on things that you need to print

If you don’t have a printer at home, then you need to make a list or folder on your mailbox on important emails/ documents that you classify as important to print. So, once everything is back to normal, or when you get back to the office, you don’t have to search or find documents that you need to print that might take ages to find. You just need to follow on your “printing” list.

Seventh. Have a proper lunch.

Now that you have time to eat at home, take your time to have a proper lunch. Don’t rush your lunch, work can wait in this difficult situation. Put your laptop in a sleep mode, so you won’t be bother by checking on new incoming emails.

Ninth. Have a 10-15 minutes break

Working from home can be frustrating, on my first day working from home, I had a terrible backache as I didn’t stop working for 4 hours on my desk. Now and then, I have a break when I need it, you can do some stretching or going out for a while to take your bin out.

Tenth. Don’t work too late. Stop working at your usual time

Work can wait. Your health is more than anything today. Never force yourself, just stop working at your usual time.

Hope this list helps you to keep on track on your new daily routine: working from home. Keep calm, eat well, and stay home, because we are in this together.


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