Food Guides

Everytime I travel, first thing come in my list is looking some good address for foods, could be locals cuisine or cuisine du monde, café, local bars, bakery, tea shops, or a quick take-aways. Click on the direct links of my food local guides on google maps.

On the list


A capital city of Belgium, a melting pot with stunning Grand Place built during New Renaissance era, Brussels has everything from French, Dutch, Asian, European or American foods. What I love about Brussels, you can easily find good restaurants without having reservation.


Beautiful country, beautiful architecture, but Malta is clearly not a perfect place for foodie traveler. They have lots of Brit’s food, Italian food, and some Asian food. On a third day in Malta, I finally gave up hunting good address to try, even with some helps of google reviews or trip advisor. Yet, Malta has so many good address for drinks, and they are surprisingly very affordable compare to other European countries.


Paris is a foodie paradise, from michelin haute-cuisine restaurants to a simple french bakery. Paris has it all. The French capital is a gourmet heaven for foodie traveler. You can simply tasting on open air food market, jump in on a cheese dégustation with a glass of wine, or properly eating asian food at place d’italie neighborhood (read: chinatown area in Paris).


Nobody hates Italian foods and you won’t be dissapointed with Rome. As the most visited city in Italy, the Roman capital has everything to spoil a foodie like me. From a classic Italian restaurants, trattoria, local takeaways and of course their famous Gelato, I don’t think you will get enough of having Italian foods.


If you do not know about Rouen, it is the capital of region of Normandy, located in the northwest of France. Besides the history and their beautiful architecture, Rouen is a perfect place for gourmet burger’s lover as the city surrounded by lots of farm and agriculture areas. What I love about Rouen is their french bistros, you can eat an haute-cuisine experience with affordable price.

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