Where to eat in Frankfurt

What I love about big cities in Germany is the variety of food you can have from different countries. We can almost call it “melting pot” for foodies. Frankfurt is my third big cities I have visited in Germany, after Berlin and Leipzig. I can assure you that all my food experiences in both cities and now Frankfurt were never disappoint me. To be honest, I’m not a fan of German food except for their Kartoffelhaus (restaurant with potatoes as their specialty), yet I always found foreign restaurants in Germany are very legit and true to their original taste. In Frankfurt, you can find various range of cuisine from Japanese ramen to French bistro. Here’s my list of restaurants that you need to visit when you’re in Frankfurt. 

Maruyasu in Galeria Kaufhof

A true Japanese ramen bar hides inside a commercial center in Frankfurt. This Japanese restaurant is located on the ground floor right in the middle of the supermarket in Galeria Kaufhof. The restaurant is quite small, you can eat at the bar, at the table or have your takeaway meal. The service is very quick and the waitress can speak English very well. Don’t be afraid if you do not speak any German. What I like about this ramen bar is the price, it is surprisingly affordable to eat Japanese comfort foods.  I had beef yakiniku ramen and a cup of green tea, it only costs me 11.50€ .

Address: Zeil 116-126, 60313 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Website: https://maruyasu-de.jimdo.com/


If you are looking for truly authentic Thai/Southeast-Asian Food, Aroydee has vast-range meal to offer, from snack, noodle, fried rice, fish, duck, beef, to vegan food. Yes, you have everything, and I’m sure I had food coma only by looking at their menu. You better come there as a group, so you can order different kind of meals and share it with your friends.
I went there with a friend, but we ended up order too much food. We had chicken wings, fried tofu, a whole fried fish with Thai curry and vegetables, and duck fried rice. All of them were absolutely delicious! P.S. For drink recommendation: you must try their milk tea.

Address: Stiftstraße 34, 60313 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Website: https://www.aroydee.de/


If you are into fine cuisine, Bidlabu is the best bistro in Frankfurt according to Journal-Frankfurt.  The restaurant is on the list of michelin-guide restaurant. They offer 3 course meals for lunch or you can have à la carte and 5 course meals for dinner. Love the restaurant a lot. Every dishes has signature taste, make you wonder what they put on the ingredients. The menu changes every season, so I cannot recommend you what is their signature dishes. The price is affordable if you compare this kind of restaurant with fine-dining restaurant/bistro in France. You spend around 35-40€ includes a glass of wine and bottle of water for 3 course meal.

Address: Kleine Bockenheimer Str. 14, 60313 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Website: https://www.bidlabu.de/

Dim Sum Haus

If you crave for dumplings, Dim Sum Haus is the best dumplings restaurant in Frankfurt. Besides the dumplings, they also offer Cantonese food, such as porridge, noodles and Peking duck. You better come there as a group, so you can order different kind of dumplings and share it with your friends or family. The location is quite tricky, it was hidden inside a building, but you can find easily with google maps.

Address: Vilbeler Str. 27, 60313 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Kaffehaus Goldene Waage

I love German cakes! It is creamy, fluffy and it all looks like birthday cake. If you like that kind of cakes, this place is the perfect place. Beside serving various cakes, the building is known as historical building in the old town of Frankfurt. The building has timbered facade and renaissance ceiling in the inside, it is located next to a historical museum of Frankfurt. The house was belong to a rich-merchant-family, Abraham Van Hamel in the year 1605. The Kaffehaus Goldene Waage open from 10 am to 9 pm. You must try chocolate cakes, well, actually everything looks delicious, so you can have whatever cake you like.

Address: Markt 5, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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