All-Natural For Your Skin & Body


It isn’t new news that many personal care products ingredients are include chemicals that are toxic and harmful to your skin & body – For example, lots of personal care products such as body lotion, deodorant, day cream, or facewash, use phenoxyethanol as their ingredient. This ingredient is known as a preservative that can be toxic for the liver and blood. It is also suspected to have effects on the hormones and fertility if the concentration exceed 1% on the finished product.

I only mentioned this chemical, yet many others also harmful and toxic for your skin and body. Today, we are influenced by the beauty of advertising of personal products, without even knowing what is really inside. Sometimes, we pay even the price to get branded products, yet we do not aware that some of them contain toxic chemicals.

I started changing my buying beauty habit since I found this developed french mobile application, YUKA. This mobile-app helps you to know the ingredients contain on your personal care products from the head to toe, also food and drinks. You actually just need to scan the barcode of the product, then the app will tell you if the product contains additive, chemical subtance and other ingredients that might harmful to your body. The scanner will show you a result from bad, poor, good, or excellent.


I started by scanning all personal care and cosmetics products I’ve had at home, the results are quite surprising. If you read my previous article about “Clean Beauty Products I Use Everyday” , well most of them are end up on my bin. Here is the list:

The worst part is, they mentionned use of natural ingredients, but in fact they are not fully. Or, I thought that if I buy dermathologique product, it means they have high standard of quality which you would never ever think that it contains harmful ingredients.

Today, I only buy products which have excellent result on Yuka, or mentioned with certified organics/bio. Beside being healthy, I start being more eco-responsible on choosing consumer products for my own sake.

Here is my new list of personal care product I use daily with all natural ingredients:




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