Staycation in Paris

Rain in the middle of August? Yes, we had that couple weeks ago in some of the cities in the north of France. What could not get worst, it happened during the bank holiday of August 15th. I actually wanted to go to the beach that weekend, unfortunately the weather forecast was against us. Suddenly, I thought about why not going to Paris? Spend one or two nights, treat myself in a nice hotel with a spa. Then, I  browsed around this Staycation website (that my friend had recommended me) in order to get some ideas of Parisian hotels that I should go to. The website unfortunately is only offering for 1 night stay. If you want to get more nights, you should check Weekend Desk website instead.

I chose the Laz’ Hotel Spa urbain. The hotel is actually quite new, it was opened about 2 years ago. The hotel is located 7 minutes walking from the Paris Saint-Lazare train station, which is perfect for me. This train station is main connecting station from Paris to Normandy. The hotel interior has industrial and contemporary style which is contrasted with the Haussmanian environment.

When I checked in, the receptionist upgraded my room from standard to executive, the size is actually similar but at least I got a comfortable sofa and the view of parisian rooftop from my hotel’s window.

The Hotel itself has a spa and a little swimming pool in their lower floor. The swimming pool is tiny, yet very chic and giving very warm and charming atmosphere. It is a truly bohemian hideout in the middle of Paris.

What more important than having a great brunch in a hotel? I normally chose not to have breakfast at the french hotel, because usually it is overpriced for a basic quality, so I’ve rather go out and find a brunch spot around. I booked this hotel through weekend desk website, so breakfast was actually included in it. And hereby I fully confirmed and approved the quality of breakfast they served. Their breakfast includes fresh juices, hot drinks, french pastry and bread, carcuterie and smoked salmon, fruits salads, youghurt, cereals, english breakfast, cakes, and more.

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    1. Yes, it was actually very usefull when you have last minute plan. I always do double check though through the hotel website, if the travel website has better offer or not.

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