Clean Beauty Products I Use Everyday

When it comes to beauty essential that I use every day, such as tooth paste, deodorant, hydrating-cream, or shampoo – it’s important that the product not only correspond to my needs, but also toxic-free. If you think the more expensive product, the less toxic or good for your body, that is definitely wrong, sometimes you can find a reasonable price for skin care and hygiene products that leads you to a healthier way of living. Thanks to the power of internet, now you can check and verify the ingredients of personal care products on Skin Deep Database for American users or quechoisir website for French users. Thus, you can choose wisely for your well-being.

Since I moved to France, my daily products, mostly  skin care and hair products are changed drastically. I remembered the first week I arrived in France during winter 2010, I had to throw everything away as all the products I brought from my home town in Indonesia didn’t  give the same results as it used to be. The products that I used to have for tropical weather, it was actually useless for four seasons country. After changing and testing different products, I finally found my daily comfort beauty.

Here are the items I’m using right now:

P.S. The price mentioned will be depended on the online-store available in your country. Sometimes, you might get cheaper by getting into drugstores in your local town.

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