Where to eat in Amsterdam

Earlier this month and in between my busy schedules, I went to Amsterdam to visit my friends. Instead of visiting landmarks, I asked my friend to chill out in her apartment and go out only when we need to eat. Well, after having a full day party on Saturday until the next day at 5 am in the morning, I thought we need to chill down and be reasonable. So, these are food address that you have to visit if you have only one day in Amsterdam:

Dignita Amsterdam

If you need a hangover cure, having brunch is the best thing to do. Dignita is your go-to café in Amsterdam. You can enjoy breakfast, brunch or lunch in the heart of Amsterdam Zuid or nestled amongst the oasis of the Hoftuin, right in the centre of Amsterdam. I’ve definitely eat well at this place, I can tell you, this was the most fresh and well prepared brunch I’ve ever had so far.. I had a fresh pressed orange and carrot juice with turmeric and ginger, a cup of earl grey tea, and fried eggs in a toast with extra mashed avocado. Sounds ordinary right? Yet, it was coming very tasty, fresh and beautifully prepared. Even the ketchup is a homemade ketchup and it was very delicious.

First Address in Vondelpark:
Koninginneweg 218h
1075 EL Amsterdam
Phone: 020 221 4458
Open 7 days a week: 08:30-17:00
Closed on King’s Day, April 27, 2019
Second Address in Hoftuin:
Nieuwe Herengracht 18a
1018 DP Amsterdam
Phone: 020 370 2723
Open 7 days a week from 9:00 to 19:00
Closed on King’s Day, April 27, 2019


Warung Barokah

When you visit Amsterdam, or any big town in the Netherlands, what you need to do is checking out one of Indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam and try the famous rijsttafel (read: rice table). Rijsttafel’s origins were Indonesian, the Dutch introduced them to their country , so they can enjoy exotic dishes of their ancient colony. As it becames popular for tourists, most of Indonesian restaurants in Netherlands usually quite expensive, price around 25 – 30 €/ person. But, my friend who obviously local, took me to this small Indonesian restaurant in the south of Amsterdam. The restaurant called Warung Barokah and the price is surprisingly very affordable. The different between most of Indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam, this restaurant offer you a food stall instead of rice table with side dishes. Thus, you can choose your rice / noodle and side dishes that you like instead of having them all on the table.

Price: between 10-15€

Aalsmeerweg 91
1059AE Amsterdam
Phone: +3120 – 7731540
Website: click here



If you don’t have any idea what to eat, this place is a perfect place to go. Founded in 2014, Foodhallen is home to a wide range of high-quality concepts and a household name for foodlovers. You can experience different food concepts and cuisines in a old tram remise which was turned into food venues. You are welcome to try different local delicacies at one of 21 stands. I know right? I had even a hard time choosing what kind of food I would have to eat and ended up having pizza at Renatos, dumplings at Dim Sum Thing, Bitterballen at De Ballenbar and sweet potatoes fries at The Butcher. There’s no reservation required, yet you need to be patient to get a table as the place is always crowded.

The address:
Bellamyplein 51
1053 AT Amsterdam


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