Where to eat in Rouen (part 3)

Hello everyone, I’m back again to let you know some good address to eat while you in Rouen. So here is some good restaurants that I have been tasted for the last couple weeks from classic steak house, Vietnamese street food, Italian anti-pasti and a one star Michelin restaurant.


After having that very good T-BONE steak in Bordeaux, you couldn’t imagine how I was craving to eat a good steak again. When I came back to Rouen, I started to google a proper steakhouse, that is how I found this elegant steakhouse, Rotomagus. Located just in front of the Eglise Saint Maclou, 15th century gothic church, this steakhouse is not just giving you a good view to look at, but also a taste of matured meat unique taste. The price is quite expensive, but if you are really a meat lover, it is really worth to try. I had bone marrow as a starter and black Angus as main course.

The address:
7 Place Berthelemy 76000 Rouen
Website and reservation click here


After some desperate time finding good asian food in Rouen, I finally found another good decent Asian dishes in Bambou, a Vietnamese restaurant located near the Rouen Cathedral. This restaurant offers authentic Vietnamese food such as Bo bun, Pho, spring rolls, fried noodles.. and many more. All the food is freshly prepared, even the spring rolls.

I ordered spring rolls for starter, beef Bo bun for main course and a tea-pot of green tea, only for 18€.

The address:
41 Rue Grand Pont 76000 Rouen
Phone : +336 52 61 31 75


L’Odas is one star Michelin gastronomique restaurant, located in a heart of the city. For a Michelin star restaurant, the price is very reasonable, if you go find this kind of restaurant in a bigger city such as Paris, I bet you won’t have this kind of price. The price menu starts from 29€ for lunch during weekdays, and 49€ during for lunch and dinner during weekends (price exclude drinks). I went there last weekend after making a reservation a month ahead for Saturday lunch. The restaurant is pretty small, now I understood that reservation is very important for the weekend.

With 49€ menu, you can get appetizers, 2 starters, 1 main course and a dessert. The unique thing about this restaurant is blind menu, you just need to tell the waitress what you don’t like or can’t eat, and you will get custom meal. They do also have menu à la carte (but it depends on what available). I told them that I don’t eat porc, I got a foie gras poêlé, noix saint Jacques as starters and a beautiful meat cut for main course.

The address:
4 Passage Maurice l’enfant 76000 Rouen
You can make reservation via the Fork application. Website click here


If you like Italian anti-pasti, L’Oritano is the perfect address. They offer different kind anti-pasti every season, which in this case I can’t give you what best to choose as it really depends on what available. However, I can assure you that their meal has a good quality and homemade prepared.

Price per plate is between 6,50€ to 8€. I usually order 2 – 3 plates. So it is indeed affordable.

If you like to know more good address in Rouen, you can read my first article here and second article here.

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