One day visit in Ghent

If you are planning a day trip to Belgium this weekend, Ghent is a must-visit port city located in Northwest Belgium. First time I visited this town when I was pursued my post-grad studies in Lille, France. My friend used to drive me here for a day out as it was only 1 hour drive from where I used to live.

Ghent or Gent, is known for medieval architecture with its pedestrianized center built during 12th century. Today, Ghent is popular as university town and cultural hub.

Ghent is well worth for a last-minute city trip as its offers fascinating cultural cocktail, or drink-out with trendy urban ambiance, strolling around and discover its medieval architecture while doing a little shopping.

Here’s some glimpse of splendid architecture that remains remarkably well-preserved in Ghent:

Graventeen Castle

The castle dates to 1180 and was the residence of Count of Flanders until 1353. It was used as a court, prison, mint and cotton factory. It was restored over 1893 until 1903. Today, the castle is a museum and a major landmark for the city.

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The old Graslei Harbor

This place is quite trendy with the bars and pubs around the riverside. When the sun is out, this place will definitely pack with people enjoying their drinks with a magnificent view of the colorful buildings.

St-Nicolas Church and Saint Bavo’s Cathedral

One is a gothic church and the other is 10th-century romanesque cathedral – these landmarks mark the skyline Ghent’s old town.



5 thoughts on “One day visit in Ghent

    1. Hi Arv, thank you for stopping by. Bruges is actually much bigger than Ghent, you need more than 1 day to visit Bruges. The building architecture is quite similar, except that Ghent has the castle.

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