Sunny winter in Deauville

Sun was finally up in Normandy last Saturday. I think almost every one in Normandy or we call them les normands went out that day. Well, that’s what we do when the sun comes out. It has been cloudy, cold and sometimes rainy since the beginning of 2019 until last Monday. The weather started to warm up from 4 degrees Celsius in the morning until 14-17 degrees Celsius in the afternoon. It is indeed very warm weather for February.

So like everyone, I went out to the coast, Deauville, located in the northwestern France, or about 1 hour driving from where I live, Rouen.

I think this was my third times coming there. Learnt from my previous visits, you must arrive before 11 am or otherwise it will be very difficult to get the parking. You also can reach this city by train directly from Paris for nearly 3 hours. The price for return ticket during the weekend will be around 40 to 60€.

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Deauville is quite popular with its horse race, harbor, beautiful villas, the Grand Casino, marinas and international film festival. This town is considered as the “queen of the Norman beaches”. Since the 19th century, it has been popular destination for the Parisian and seaside homes for French high society’s. Les Normands call it as the Parisian Riviera.

What to visit in Deauville, here’s some of my recommendations:

Promenade des planches

Where beach closets are dedicated to famous actors and moviemakers that have come to Deauville.

The seaside 5 stars Hotel Normandy and its garden

You do not have to sleep in there, you can enjoy the magnificent hotel architecture and its garden by the street.

The Horse racecourse at The Touques Hippodrome

Deauville is internationally known for its horse culture, famous tracks, yearling sales and multiple group on annual horse races. This racecourse hosts most horse races during the year, thus gaining the “four season hippodrome” nickname. When there is no horse race even occurred, you can actually visit this place with your kids to get to the pony club.

(Source: wikipedia)

The address:
45 Avenue Hocquart de Turtor 14800 Deauville

Place Morny and Place du Marché

The Morny square situated at the crossroads between Le Hoc road links the train station to the casino, the Gambeta road leads to the racecourse to one side and to the quay to the other, and the Oliffe road, leading to the beach. This square is located at the heart of the city, surrounded by shops, cafe and Deauville market’s area. The market is already operated since 1881.

(Source: click here)

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