Things to do in Bordeaux

For my last New Years Eve holiday, I decided to go to Bordeaux. It wasn’t my first time coming to this city. But, my first visit was too short and it wasn’t enough. So, I made myself promise that one day, I would coming back there. I believe that many people know about Bordeaux as the center of a major wine-growing and wine-producing region. It makes the city as a prominent and significant influence on the world of wine industry. Although, no wine production is conducted within the city limits.

Despite the wine industry, Bordeaux has also magnificent buildings and quays. It is classified as the city of art and history. Also, it is home to 362 historical monuments with some building dating back to Roman times.

I actually don’t have proper travel plan when I was in Bordeaux, what I did is buying one day ticket tram and asking the receptionist to give me a city map of main tourists attractions. Don’t worry to get lost, most of main attractions in Bordeaux are accessible to get into by the public transportation (the tram).

First thing to visit and even you’re not planning it, you must pass by this main square if you visit Bordeaux.

Place de la Bourse

This square is one of recognisable sights in France located in front of Garonne river.




It was cold in December, so the sky was pretty cloudy. Yet that stunning view of Pont de Pierre in front of Place de Bourse is mesmerizing. Second place to visit located just behind the Place de la Bourse.

Promenade de Sainte-Catherine

If you like to shop, drink and snacking in Bordeaux, this place is the right place. Unfortunately I did not have time to snap any picture as it was too crowded. Next to visit is another beautiful square in Bordeaux. 

Place de la Comédie

If you want to taste one of Michelin restaurant and bistro of Chef Gordon Ramsay, you can find it inside the Intercontinental Grand Hotel de Bordeaux. I recommend you to make a reservation in advance, otherwise you will not get a table. I actually made that mistake, I could not get a table as it was already fully booked. 


Up next, you can jump back into the Tram at place de Quinconces or if you like to walk, the next destination will be the Cathedral of Bordeaux.

Cathédrale Sain-André de Bordeaux

This Cathedral is built with gothic style around 14th-15th century.


Place Gambetta and surrounded area

After Place the la Bourse, square Gambetta is also one of important area in Bordeaux. It is surrounded by remarkable urban architecture built during the 18th century.


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