One week in Brittany, France

Last summer I’ve decided to spend one week in Bretagne (read: Brittany), France. This region is actually quite popular having nice local population and breathtaking views. This is not my first time visiting Bretagne, I went there I think about 6 years ago to visit my college friend which is originally from Concarneau, one of beautiful coastal town in Bretagne. If my first trip was a love story, this region is actually my love at the first sight.

After I did some research on accommodation and which towns to visit, I finally came to conclusion to stay 3 days in Perros Guirec, 3 days in Carnac and visited some surrounded towns in within.

First town. Perros-Guirec

I’m a person that hates walking or hiking, but Perros Guirec got me no choice 🙂 . Fortunately, I remembered to bring my sneakers. Well, let’s say Perros Guirec city center is just fine – they have some basic restaurants, bars, and creperies, and decent beach. Besides, it was raining and gloomy on the first day I arrived, quite disappointing really. Until the next day, I found this astonishing hiking track that lead me into pink granite rocks which have been sculpted by the sea into varied shapes and patterns. And everything has changed, my holiday spirit was finally back on track. 🙂 For a person who hates walking a lot, 7 km hiking was quite something for me, the worst thing was I forgot to bring a bottle of water, as I don’t think I was going to walk that far. The problem was there’s no nearby town unless you turn your way back to the start or continue walking to the next village, Ploumanac’h. Well, I really had no choice did I? Yet, I remembered that I was really happy, those beautiful views –  like literally in every steps I took – made me forget the fact that I really hate walking.


Second town, Ploumanac’h

Accidentally visited this village harbour by mistake the day before, I decided to come back again the next day to explore the town center, (obviously by car). Actually, this village was voted as “the village most preferred by the French” in 2015. Well, I couldn’t agree more. It was a bit cloudy sunny that day, but still the view from the beach was amazing.

If you have chance to visit this town one day, you should try to make stop for lunch at the bar snacking at Castel beau site for 24€ you can get your main course and dessert, and obviously with the view from their terrace. It was so unforgettable.


Address: Castel Beau Site

137 Rue Saint-Guirec, 22700 Perros-Guirec

Third town, Carnac

This town is well-known for the carnac stones, one of the most extensive Neolithic menhir collections in the world (source: wikipedia). So, if you like visiting pre-historic site, this town has lots of them. Carnac is split into two centers, Carnac city center (Carnac Ville) and Carnac beach-front (Carnac plage). Well, I prefer the Carnac beach-front as that’s the center when you have lots of choices of restaurants, bars, snaking, and also shopping. You need at least 2 days to visit Carnac,  so you can spend your first day relaxing at the beachfront, second day strolling arround at the town center and visit the carnac stones afterwards.

Fourth town, Quiberon

This town is really beautiful, it is situated on the southern part of the Quiberon peninsula. This town is quite popular for resort areas for tourist destination during the summer, so yes obviously it is quite expensive to stay arround here. If you have limited holiday budget, you can stay at Carnac and drive to Quiberon for a day out. Besides, the beautiful peninsula, Quiberon is also well-known for its history of sardine production. Well, today, the economic of this town is driven by the tourism. But, you still can find local shops selling their sardine. I thought it was just a basic can of sardine, until I tasted it with crepes, I think it was the best sardine I have ever tasted in my life, no joking.

Fifht town, Auray

Auray is crossed by the Loch, a small coastal river, which flows into the Gulf of Morbihan, when you arrive at the center, you will see the famous Port of Saint-Goustan, where Benjamin Franklin arrived at the port in 1776 at the beginning of US War of Independence, to seek military aid from Louis XVI (source: Wikipedia). What I love about this town  is the view from Pont-Neuf bridge, you can simply enjoy the wide river, surrounded by trees and the timbered houses architecture. It is so stunning.

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