one day visit to Singapore

Universal Studio – Sentosa Island

Singapore, a small country in Southeast-Asia which comprises with the main island – linked by a causeway and a bridge to the southern tip of Malaysia – and around 50 smaller islands, includes Sentosa Island where you can find the famous Universal Studio. (source: bbc).

Even if I am Indonesian who supposed to be easy to visit Singapore without any visa requirement, but actually it was my first time to have at least one day for getting around in Singapore. Oh, thanks Boss for the business trip opportunity!

I arrived on Saturday afternoon in June and felt very tired. I was no surprise, I had a very long journey since the day before; 2 hours early train headed up to Paris, 1 hour on Parisian metro and RER, then stuck in the airplane because they announced air trafic before take off, 15 hours of flight to KL, couples hours of transit, before I finally touched down in Changi Airport, Singapore – so I decided to have dinner at the Hotel and sleep.

I was a little bit surprise because I woke up at 7 am in the next morning, which means I did not have to struggle with the jetlag. I’ve prepared myself and had a very big brunch at the Hotel. Oh how I missed having an Asian brunch so much. In European hotels, they would never serve any porridge, fried rice, or dumplings, which is in Asian hotels, they were just a must.

A big breakfast for Asian is very important, because we need to eat a lot in the morning so we can stand to work or study and stay focus until the lunch time’s coming. We usually did not have a coffee break in the morning, I mean we could have a coffee while working, but not literally like a typical coffee break in Europe. I’ve remembered when I was in elementary and secondary school, we’ve never had a pause until the lunch time. So, that’s the reason why we usually have a very big brunch in the morning.

I stayed in Gallery Hotel near Clarke quay, one of a historical riverside quay in Singapore, located within the Singapore River Planning Area (source: wikipedia). I decided to walk through the riverside and tried to find an MRT station – which is at the end I couldn’t find any. I blamed myself for not bringing any city maps. Finally I found a city sightseeing hop on hop off bus stop. I believe I would never get lost with this bus, which was good for a person who’re not be able to read a map like me. The ticket bus was not expensive, I’ve paid only for 17 S$  for adult, and the driver said I still can use it for 24 hours counting by your first validation time.

yellow citycab in Little India, Singapore

My first stop was in Little India district. To be honest, this was not my favorite district in Singapore, it was very crowded and I didn’t feel safe at all. Unless you love Indian food and Indian Sari, it was a perfect place to visit. Despite of the crowded, one thing I love the most of this district is the colorful houses, it is indeed a little India.

Colorful shops in Little India

The next stop was Chinatown, a must visit district in Singapore. I love this place a lot, it is simply because I believe that I would never being afraid of starving. There’s food everywhere not only for chinese food, but almost from all over the world. Which means it would be very difficult to decide where would you make your tummy happy. Despite of street foods, cafes and restaurants, you can find also lots of souvenirs shops in Chinatown. By the time you walk through the small street, you will find a giant Chinese temple in front of town hall where you can find the locals dancing and do some aerobics. Which was quite entertaining.

Budha Tooth Relic Temple, Chinatown, Singapore
Budha Tooth Relic Temple, Chinatown, Singapore

It was a hot day at that time. Even though I grew up in tropical country, but the fact that I am now living in northwest of France, simply making me feel very uncomfortable with a very hot and humid weather like this, so I decided to go to Marina bay building complex and went into a giant commercial center to have some fresh fake air (read: Air Conditioning). Actually, if you walk on top of the building, you will see an amazing view of Botanic gardens and the art science museum.

Marina bay building complex
Marina bay building complex
singapore flyer taken from Marina bay building complex
Singapore flyer taken from Marina bay building complex

It was 6 pm and it’s time to me to go to Singapore flyer, this was actually the first most visit that I’ve had written on my list and I’d save the best for the last. It is simply because the best time to see a city skyscraper is when the sun goes down. The end of my perfect day.

the view from the top of Singapore flyer
the view from the top of Singapore flyer

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